Welcome to the new association in Costa Rica !!!!

Be part of the innovation of tourism for everyone.

Our Mission

Unite people, organizations, companies to make visible, raise awareness and support the development of accessible tourism for people with disabilities, giving solidity to the links of the "accessibility chain" that guarantees a satisfactory leisure experience for all people.

Nuestra Visión

Position Costa Rica as a destination that provides accessible touristic services for everyone.

Nuestros Objetivos


Do you need accessible tourist services around Costa Rica? All tourist services in Costa Rica have an accessible level, but unfortunately it is difficult to find information about them. Use our directory to find services and obtain clear information about their facilities in terms of accessibility. The directory has 4 levels. 1. the supplier gives us details we only put the name of the property 2. the property gets a specialized link and fact sheet of accessibility 3. we verify the accessibly and guarantee it through a stamp. Higher the level of the property inside the network the most accessible it is.



To guarantee the accessible services and give confidence to visitors. We have created a verification process. This is a site visit of a professional in the field that helps us verify that services are really accessible, whether in the physical, sensory or nutritional areas. When looking for services in our directory look for the verification logo. If you are a provider, do not hesitate to ask how to verify your services.


Aim that tourism is accessible can not be only with good intentions. It is necessary to know concepts and basic information. The members of the network can access training and information on accessibility when joining our network.



Find out about the accesible services that the members of our network offer.


Te ayudamos a verificar tu establecimiento a nivel de Accesibilidad y Adaptabilidad.


Encuentra información sobre nuestros proyectos.


Accede a nuestra lista y calendario de capacitaciones y seminarios para miembros.


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